About Us

Who are we?

     The Hyperion company, which is the owner of the demoniq brand, is responsible for the design, manufacturing, as well as retail and wholesale distribution of the products of the demoniq brand.
      All the collections are designed by a team of young and creative designers who share passion for both fashion and eroticism.
very single collection is manufactured in our own sewing plant which is based in Łódź, where you will find the headquarters of the company too. We are proud to put „Made in Poland” on the labels of each and every piece of lingerie or jewellery we produce.
     Both the teams of designers and the teams of production workers are genuine enthusiasts of the wide variety found in the erotic world. This may be observed and sensed both in the projects and in the end products labelled with the demoniq logo.

     „We find it most rewarding to share our passion and fascination for various shapes of the erotic world with others.”

The goals that we set for ourselves.

Exceptional and unique design of both a single piece of product and whole collections.
Continuous strive for new pieces in the range of our products representing the diverse character of design for lingerie.
High quality of the fabrics we use.
Comfort of wearing as one of the top priorities.
Perfect sewing quality and resistance of every single product.
Brand recognizability and the sophsticated character of the brand.

What is our mission?

     We would like to dress the variety of wildest dreams that women have. We do understand and appreciate the diversity of erotic needs. This concerns the delicate needs, expressed with a subtle degree of eroticism, as well as those much more gloomy, dominant, highlighted with a cold, and indeed electrifying, sense of having power... This kind of diversity we would like to reflect in every collection of the demoniq lingerie.

     The product that we deliver to our customer is of high quality both concerning the design and the quality of fabrics, as well as the sewing quality and comfort of wearing.
We strive for constant development of our company. Along with improving the satisfaction of our clients we want to develop the demoniq brand by delivering a product that meets the requirements of the more and more demanding clients and partners.
     Modernness and attractiveness. We want to deepen the delightful impressions and emotions of our customers with a product that is made of innovative textiles and reflects the most popular and the newest trends in the world of erotic lingerie. Therefore every year there will be a couple of new collections, always diverse in style, so that everyone could find something for themselves in the world of demoniq.

Product packaging.

     Every single lingerie set, piece of jewellery or a swimming costume is shipped in an attractive and resistant packaging.
     Click and check what the packaging looks like:
mini box

Our collections

maGnetic exclusive lingerie collection

     The maGnetic collection is much more than just lingerie. It is a great combination of feminine sensitivity and wild imagination.

      G perfectly captures sensuality with this irresistible power of demoniq. 

      The maGnetic collection tells intriguing stories through sensual shapes, surprising situations and wonderful moments that you will never forget. Situations that offer unforgettable memories and moments of grand passion and sheer elation.

      It inspires you, it makes you open up to new experiences, to embrace intense feelings, to satisfy your desires and dreams, and to share them with your loved one.

      Each set has its own story to tell, while the whole collection tells one sensual story, but the two of you have to write the ending to this story. This collection makes you try something new, break barriers which are there to be crossed to discover the overwhelming beauty and charm of extremely intense emotions, becoming embedded in your memory. With your magnetism lingerie, you will fully enjoy amazing feelings and truly exciting moments.

      The maGnetic collection stands out with its stunning black lace and golden details, delicate black tulle details and elastic black “wet look” fabrics. However, the black metallic “wet look” fabrics were not used to highlight the wildness of our sets.

     We approached it in a funny way …

     This time the main part is played by beautiful black and golden lace, whereas the shiny “wet look” perfectly complements the lace details and highlights their subtlety.

      When creating the maGnetic collection, apart from making each set delight with its unique design, it was equally important to us to focus on your comfort, and that is why we used super soft fabrics. We also used these elastic and stretchy fabrics to make sure each set fits perfectly your body, beautifully showing off your curves and edges. To give you even greater comfort, we applied special adjustable fasteners for the bras, corsets and garter belts. The bras are underwired.

     Apart from comfort, we also focused on durability. Therefore, every hook, every eye and every fastener is made of metal. All key details affecting the durability of the sets were strengthened by using special stitching. The fabrics used to make our sets are durable and resistant.

     Therefore, each and every maGnetic set delights with its electrifying beauty and makes you feel comfortable and confident in any situation.

     Some sets are offered in Premium versions which include additional products perfectly complementing our basic sets. We know that every little detail makes a difference. So we took great care of all details.

    Be maGnetic at your home….

SHIBARI powered by demoniq
Shibari_baner2_shopSHIBARI is more than art or philosophy. 
     It is the combination of body and soul. It is the place where the door opens to the amazing world of emotions and physicality. It is the energy we pass through the unknown sequence of events, trust, rope, touch, body pressure, enslavement, devotion, deprivation of freedom, enforcement to act...
KINBAKU is using the Shibari techniques in erotic relations.
Kinbaku = Shibari + Kokkoro (emotions)
Originality entangled with imagination.
     Each demoniq collection is a different character, temperament and erotic image of the brand. All collections are created with passion and a genuine need to present a modern form for each product. The main idea that has accompanied us from from the very beginning of the work on the SHIBARI collection is originality and authenticity. Invaluable here was the co-operation with GanRaptor, the expert and practicioner of SHIBARI, who introduced us, in an amazing way, deeper into its philosophy and it was his knowledge and passion that showed us the art of bondage.
     We created our product fascinated with history and philosophy. We were looking for something that would perfectly suit the practicioners and give them satisfaction but would also be so interesting and tempting as to open this world to the people who had never thought about it before...
Idea, product, collection.
     SHIBARI powered by demoniq - it is philosphy, imagination and a part of us combined with a completely new approach to the design and use of lingerie.
     The basis of our collection is the product and its final version. As usual, we have taken care of the key elements of the offer.
     SHIBARI collection is a visually consistent offer. The products are distinguished with numerous details- red inserts are the attractive variety on the black and shiny material which is the base of each product. We use the materials of high quality and traditionally we pay special attention to the quality of production. Each of 16 outfits is the original project designed and made by our company.
What do we offer within SHIBARI collection?
     'We bound' our concept and collection into one coherent whole so that the learning of  SHIBARI world, that is the bondage of the partner as an erotic game, could be available for everyone. We  have prepared 16 sets of lingerie and a specially selected and defined way of bondage matching each of them. We suggest using during the game our way of bondage shown on the pictures attached to each set of lingerie.
   It can be learnt easily and step by step using our instructional videos posted on Youtube (demoniq_erotic_lingerie).
     The ropes attached to SHIBARI pack sets, have been carefully selected and adapted to the gentle world of practices of the philosphy we follow- at the same time they stir the imagination and help to start using SHIBARI in practice.

MISTRESS collection

     Mistress Collection presents another face of the demoniq brand.
Stimulating senses,
Sensual ...
    All these expressions perfectly define its nature, climate, and accurately define the women to whom it is addressed ...
Creating it, we were guided primarily by the will to emphasize the sensuality of a female body that can inspire, delight, provoke the search for new emotions. We also want to bring out and redefine the beauty of the world of more adventurous games that are full of mystery and a kind of charm.
     We have prepared for you unique products, distinctive in appearance, presentation, comfort and durability. Each set is a coherent, unified proposal, which fits into the intriguing world of domination.
     The beauty lies in the different faces of erotic expression. More and more often we are becoming convinced that crossing certain barriers that until recently seemed to be something not to be exceeded ... becomes a delightful journey into unknown lands. Curiosity inspires, stimulates the imagination, which ignites the senses ... and they ... need different stimuli. Our Mistress collection inspires - looking at every woman in any set will ignite the senses of everyone who will be able to admire her and at the same time get a thrill when he realizes who has the power and dictates the terms in this magical moment.
     Each set of Mistress collection has been prepared and addressed to women who love to break barriers and taboos, and highlight their own, imperious tastes through the selection of dresses and underwear. Perfectly accentuated silhouette, shiny blackness, full of bright, metallic reflections, silver, metallic additives, red lacing ... The Mistress Collection will satisfy even the tastes of the most sophisticated people.
     Convenience and user comfort of each set will also be appreciated. The selection of elastic materials and excellent profiling make each set a very good fit to the body, emphasizing its line, directing eyes to attractively accented buttocks, hips, breasts.
     We put particularly great emphasis on highlighting the beautiful lines of a woman's body, while focusing on its most sexy parts. Therefore, you can admire the deep necklines exposing the breast shape, displayed encouragingly for spanking bare buttocks and hips, additionally invitingly underlined by sleek lines of black thongs.
     We also wanted every product to have attractive, fit within the character of the collection, pictures, as well as beautiful and durable packaging. We have obtained the result exactly of what you and we have expected. You will receive from us a creatively designed product, very well made of high quality materials. The packaging delights and encourages to further explore the demoniq brand.
   The brand, which explores the different facets of eroticism, and invites you to experience the thrill of crossing the boundaries of imagination.

ELEGANT ANGELS collectionElegant Angel poster

     The creation of the Elegant Angels collection is connected with the response to many questions we have asked ourselves. There were many, but the most important are:
     How to emphasize the beauty and shape of a woman's body while exposing its advantages and the charm of underwear?
     Answering the aforesaid, and striving for perfection we decided to prepare for you a surprising, original and exquisitely beautiful collection Elegant Angels. It is a great tribute to the enthusiasts of elegant lingerie, appreciating their needs and trying to fulfill their sophisticated expectations.
     We were inspired by different elements. Excitement of intimate moments, inner need to stand out, the desire to emphasize individualism. The search for inspiration and dedication to the need of creating new, uncompromising, original collection, influenced the design of Elegant Angel, and each part of this set.
Each set is distinguished by a modern, sophisticated and elegant forms. In order to combine beautiful appearance and comfort we have focused on joining together two different materials. Elegant, black lace, with a beautiful design achieved thanks to spatial embroidery in flowery ornaments. Lace embroideries are not flexible, thanks to this each of their details is clearly visible and can be seen in every moment and situation. Eye-catching embroidery composes perfectly with delicate, black mesh, which is also used in each of the sets. The combination of static lace with embroidery with a flexible mesh allows for a perfect fit of each set to the shape of the body while exposing at the same time the beautiful embroidery on lace. The effect achieved is very pleasantly surprising, because underwear attracts attention with its beauty, while the shape of the body is sensual and tastefully underlined.
     What else can Elegant Angels collection surprise you with? Besides the beauty, well-being and inner conviction that you look stunning and exciting ...
     Comfort, durability and tasteful details.
     Each set and each single product is made of materials feeling good to the touch, but that's not all. Bra fasteners, garter belts have several step adjustment for easy fit. Additionally, the bras have been strengthened with underwires, which improve comfort and guarantee effective appearance of the breast. Garter straps, shoulder straps, also have adjusters for easy adjustment of each set.
     To take care of the quality and durability of all sensitive places we have further strengthened them with additional stitching, and each adjuster, circle, clasp has been matched to the size of rubber bands, which keeps all settings as they had been left.
     The imprint beauty that you will spread, the aura of mystery, the announcement of surprising sensations and experiences ... the Elegant Angels collection, invites you to enjoy a long and ecstatic experience a journey that will move your emotions to a whole new level.

DARK DESIRE collection

     The Dark Desire Collection is the effect of our designers’ fascination with the more mysterious and darker side of eroticism. It confronts taboos and does not tolerate compromise. In the collection you will find echoes of inspirations coming from the works of erotic literary classics, such as of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Marquis de Sade, as well as works from much closer to us times: the graphic oeuvre of Guido Crepax, the Christian Grey trilogy by E.L. James. In the collection you might also find influences of the Japanese bondage art Kinbaku.
     The collection addresses both lovers and enthusiasts of refined erotic practices, and those who desire to try something new or forbidden and do not fear to experiment. They will find stylistically various sets that stand out with the perfect and unconventional patterns that are suited to the character of the more sophisticated erotic practices. The black colour emphatically highlights simple and elegant forms and shapes. The flexible fabrics sensibly model the silhouette. Every single set means a fresh, modern proposition that composes of plenty stylistically combined elements. Accessories such as silver laces, spikes, bangles, pins are adjusted to every single set and make it look even more attractive and individual.
     Every set is a separate and coherent stylisation, which emphasizes the virtues of feminine body, and in the same time it leaves no doubt about who it is addressed to and to what kind of play it is dedicated. Those who prefer an explicit kind of emanation of their sexuality expressed by the choice of clothing that highlight a person’s taste will find numerous offerings.
     Daring, modern and original style, comfort, the bindings of various fabrics such as artificial skin, nets, tulle, laces, silver coloured ornaments – all this makes the haunting Dark Desire Collection sets which meet the tastes of the most demanding enthusiasts of predatory lingerie.

WITH LOVE collection

     This collection is aimed at women who value comfort, an appealing look and a touch of eroticism in the best standard. The transparent fabrics used for the collection softly wrap the most delicate parts of the female body and allow you to feel sexy on any occasion. This lingerie is perfectly tailored and also improved by filmy laces which create a special kind of ambience, not only in the bedroom. Most captivating transparencies will intensify the charming allure of the feminine silhouette and will allow you to feel both courageous and elegant. Delightful shirts, bras and briefs that grant a lot, will bring the finesse of every moment. The enchantingly sexy sets of lingerie will help your deepest dreams come true. Their etherealness is sprinkled with a decent dose of spice. The sets that inlcude shirts are a tempting offer for you to always feel sexy and particularly feminine, but... they also become a certain hook that will bring about what you desire. Woman's backside wrapped in transparencies is always fascinating and provokes imagination. The frivolous lace covers breasts and builds a décolletage which becomes a temptation no one can resist. The result is etherealness and sex appeal in the ideal combination. The sets that include garters, bras and briefs or strings will highlight the virtues of every figure. Pay special attention to the sets: Sarah, Blanka, Azure, Odette; or the sets of the babydoll type: Valentine, Iga - those will captivate your imagination with their sweet and seemingly innocent sex appeal. The exquisite Marion or Rachel shirts will bring lightness and at the same time hide any imperfections.
     The colour palette of these collections is based on deep black, intensive red, candy pink and the white colour. Such fabrics as tender tulle netting or patterned laces; such details as fancy ribbons, decorative laces, gutters, ornamental rubber bands and buckles make every single set of The With Love Collection stand out and draw attention.

BLACK ROSE collection

     The deep and strong black of the fabrics, silver metal accessories, red lacings - all emphasize the power of the predatory and imperious side of every woman's nature. The Black Rose Collection underlines the dark side of sex appeal in its ideal mode. The wet look materials, which glare and reflect light, add luster and energy to your look. The flawlessly designed line highlights the beauty of the female body by uncovering considerable parts of it and, at the same time, leaving you a degree of an exciting secrecy. It is exceptionally energetic and sexy. The shining laces, in the colours of gold and silver, as a decorative element, focus on the exciting shapes and make a thrilling metallic sound every time your figure moves. If you want to feel absolute freedom and emphasize your strong imperious character - this line has been created especially for you!
     Take a look at the Anette set which includes three exciting parts. A fabulously sexy mini dress, which invites to party as a result of its transparencies, and promises risqué sensations by its glaring pieces. The zip going exactly through the middle of the back side of the garment, underlines the beauty of the female back. Gloves are decorated with laces and strings that refer to the style and will give you a chance to slowly undress and warm up the atmosphere. The Isabelle set adds even more of predator nature to sophisticated erotic games. Its characteristic feature is the front combination of the soft and intense black of the wet look fabric with the tender and transparent tulle nettig which uncovers décolletage in an udoubtedly attractive way. The nude back and the shape of the shorts curvaceously emphasize the line of the backside and the hips. A silver lace belt to finish and the final effect is simply amazing.
     The Black Rose Collection presents a phenomenal union of black, flexible fabrics, tulle netting and wet look, given in unusual and surprising arrangements. Apart from its exceptionally fresh and modern design, every piece of the collection is also characterised by unusual comfortability. It will surprise you, how smooth and soft-feeling the expressive fabrics are. The final effect is complemented with little, but perfectly chosen details, such as lacings, red ribbons, ornamental bangles or laces.